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1. Recipe: Turkey Jook (Rice Porridge) – Tasting Table

Recipe: Turkey Jook (Rice Porridge) - Tasting Table
Nov 24, 2015 – Ingredients. For the Turkey Stock: 1 turkey carcass, cut in half. 1 turkey neck (optional, if saved) 1 smoked ham hock. For the Jook: 3 quarts turkey stock. 1½ cups long-grain white rice. ½ cup wild rice. For the Garnish: 4 cups roasted and shredded turkey. ½ cup fried shallots. 1 cup cilantro leaves (some stems are OK …

2. Turkey Jook with Pork Hash and Manoa Lettuce | Foodland


Chef Keoni Chang shares his great-grandmother’s traditional recipe for a delicious Turkey Jook, perfect to prepare with Thanksgiving turkey leftovers!

3. Turkey Jook recipe | Epicurious.com


Simmer rice, 3 scallions, turkey carcass (break into pieces if necessary), half of ginger, and water in a 6-to 8-quart heavy pot, covered, stirring occasionally, until…

4. Turkey Jook – Two of a Kind

Turkey Jook

Nov 25, 2014 – Next time you roast a turkey, don’t throw away the carcass! Cook jook, a comforting rice porridge that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. … Turkey Jook_top Recipe adapted from SFGate. 5.0 from 1 reviews. Turkey…

5. Leftover Turkey Recipe: Chinese Congee (Rice Porridge or …

Leftover Turkey Recipe: Chinese Congee (Rice Porridge or Jook)

Leftover Turkey Recipe: Chinese Congee (Rice Porridge or Jook). posted by Jaden November 23, 2014. Turkey Congee. Mediavine. The best part of celebrating…

6. Thanksgiving Turkey Congee Recipe | Allrecipes


Stir scallops, mushrooms, rice, and turkey meat into the stockpot; reduce heat to allow congee to simmer, partially covered, stirring occasionally for a smooth…

7. Turkey Jook (Rice Soup) – Cooking Hawaiian Style


Time to get out that turkey carcass and make some soup! There are many names for this soup. We used to call it chook, but I think most people call it Jook or…

8. Recipe: Turkey Jook – SFChronicle.com


Nov 18, 2016 – Jook, a traditional Chinese comfort food, is a great way to soothe stomachs stuffed the previous day with turkey and trimmings. The ideal…

9. Turkey Congee | Saveur


Nov 24, 2015 – Featured in: The Best Part of Thanksgiving is Turkey Congee the Next Day … Our Most Succulent Sweet and Sour Cherry Recipes · Food.

10. Porridge (Juk) with Leftover Turkey – Korean Bapsang


Porridge (Juk) with Leftover Turkey. November 28, 2010. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Simple Korean porridge made with leftover turkey! Make some stock with…

11. After Turkey, There’s Jook – Tasty Island

After Turkey, There’s Jook

Nov 29, 2006 – Turkey Jook garnished with Chinese Parsley … *Keep the pot stirred throughout the steps of this recipe to prevent the bottom from burning.

12. Jook | Hawaiian Electric


Ingredients: Jook. Try this delicious recipe from the Electric Kitchen! 1 turkey carcass; 3 quarts water; 1 cup rice,…

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