Wild Grape Recipes

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1. Wild Grape Jelly Recipe – Food.com

Wild Grape Jelly Recipe - Food.com
DIRECTIONS. In large saucepan, crush grapes with potato masher; pour in water and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 10 minutes or until fruit…

2. Wild Grapes – Our Tiny Homestead


From Theresa: Wild grape vines invited themselves into our yard, and I have been … One recipe I found said it’s traditional to include some green grapes in your…

3. Wild Grape Jelly – SideChef


Directions. Wash and stem the Wild Grapes (4 cup). Place in a saucepan and crush with a potato masher. Carefully pour off the juice into a measuring glass. Bring to a rapid boil and boil until it is thickened. Pour into mason jars, seal and refrigerate. Enjoy!

4. Wild Grape Sorbet Recipe on Food52


Sep 3, 2012 – The sorbet may be made with either or both of the cultivated wild grapes, but muscadines yield a prettier hue. This sorbet was inspired by…

5. Survival Resources > Simple Wild Grape Jelly


When we make wild grape jelly we use nothing but the wild grapes, water, and sugar. Many of the recipes we have seen for jelly calls for the use of pectin.

6. Wild Grape Juice Reduction – Forager Chef

Wild Grape Reduction

Wild Grape Reduction. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Wild grape reduction recipe. The new land I’ve been exploring in Wisconsin (an abandoned dairy farm) has…

7. Stalking the Wild Grape – Art of Natural Living


Oct 16, 2015 – Join me on a fun adventure foraging for wild grapes, then turning them into grape juice. Free all-natural … Small and tart, wild grapes are great for juice and jelly making. If you have … Galleries. See my Recipes at Foodgawker…

8. Wild Grape Jelly | grow it cook it can it

Wild Grape Jelly

Oct 31, 2013 – Wild grapes’ skins slip off the same way concord grape skins do, but the seed … WILD GRAPE JELLY, adapted from the Sure-Gel low sugar pectin insert … Posted in Fall canningfoodForagingphotographypreservingrecipes…

9. Wild Grape Jelly: Practicing an important homesteading …

Wild Grape Jelly: Practicing an important homesteading survival skill

Now for this Wild Grape Jelly Thing. Below is the simplest recipe/instructions I could find: 3 lbs wild grapes, stemmed. 3 cups water. 4 1/…

10. Easy To Make Homemade Wild Grape Jam – We are not Foodies

Easy To Make Homemade Wild Grape Jam

Since the wild Mustang Grapes (Vitis mustangensis) are not suitable for eating … There is no lack of instructions in books, the internet or family recipes on how to…

11. wild grapes | Along the Grapevine


Oct 28, 2016 – Posts about wild grapes written by Hilda. … wild grape ketchup on hand, you can use the recipe I have given and simply use a dark grape juice.

12. How to Make Wild Grape Jelly – MyNorth.com

How to Make Wild Grape Jelly

Oct 13, 2008 – The recipe for grape jelly that comes with most pectin also works for wild grapes. I usually use SURE-JELL. Here’s the basic recipe with tips…

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